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Cashless payments

Convenient, easy, and secure.

Mutual Ratings and Reviews

Harnessing the power of other peoples’ experience, ratings and reviews ...Full accountability

kaZING is a one-stop app solution for getting things done.

It's a locally based marketplace connecting customers who need help getting a job done with providers who have the required skills.

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For Customers

Looking for help getting some projects done? Use kaZING as a customer and gain access to local providers who will get the job done ASAP.

  • Get quotes from providers or set the rate for the job yourself.
  • Mutual ratings, reviews, and profiles allow you to hire an accountable, reliable provider.
  • Cashless payments through the app make for quick, easy, and clear transactions.
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For Providers

Want to earn some extra cash? Use kaZING as a provider, sign up for the skills you want to offer, set your hourly rates, and work only when you feel like it!

  • Whether it’s tech help, tutoring, yard work, cleaning, you name it - you can put your skills to work through kaZING.
  • When a customer requests a new job that matches your skills, you receive an alert - the faster you act, the sooner you appear to the customer as an available option.
  • Receive payments straight to your bank account or Venmo account. Cashless transactions through the app provide a quick, easy, and secure way to get paid.

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Jason N Garland


A young, tech-savvy entrepreneur with a B.A. from the University of Vermont

Akhil Garland


Serial entrepreneur, Chairman of Peoples VC

Rory Hurley


Director of Software Development

Board of Advisors

P.J. O'Rourke

World-renowned writer and journalist

Andrew Hill Card, Jr.

Former White House Chief of Staff

Charles Foster Bass

Former US House Representative

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