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kaZING is an AI-driven Logistics & Resource Platform for Homeowners and Small Businesses who need labor, equipment, supplies, materials, and trusted information to complete last-minute projects.

Our platform matches people that needs things done with the appropriate skilled and vetted providers, along with the required materials and resources.

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Businesses and individuals need help all the time. Independent contractors need a continuous flow of work. Many jobs not only require labor, but also resources, materials, supplies. Private Party Individuals have equipment and large tools readily available to rent out. Retail Rentals have lots full of equipment not being rented or used.

  • Homeowners and Small Businesses need help, often unforeseen and last minute, and they expect that products and services be delivered "on demand.” They are seeking a simple, fast and affordable way to get things done that they cannot do themselves.
  • Service Providers want jobs that monetize their skills with the least amount of friction, hassle, or delays.
  • Individual Owners and Retail Rental Companies have equipment and tools available and ready to be used and monetized.

We believe that individuals and small businesses need access, not ownership, to everything it takes to complete their projects. They need a simple and effective way to bring everything together according to their time preference, their location, and within their budget.

Do you have trailers, tractors, and other equipment & tools not being used? Why not "AirBnB" your things and make some extra money? Contact us and learn how you can list your idle assets and turn them into a monthly reoccurring revenue stream.


Information Secure & Protected

Cashless payments

Convenient & Quick

Mutual Ratings and Reviews

Accountable & Reliable

Our Team

Brent Brightwell



Chief Executive & Marketing Officer

Jason Garland



Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Akhil Garland



Finance & Investments

Board of Advisors

Kazing Rourke Photo

P.J. O'Rourke

World-renowned writer and journalist

Kazing Hill Photo

Andrew Hill Card, Jr.

Former White House Chief of Staff

Charles Foster Bass

Former US House Representative

Kazing Jackson Photo

Steve Jackson

Managed Global Marketing Account for Anheuser-Busch for 20+ Years

Kazing Jackson Photo

James M. Callahan

Attorney with 25+ years of legal experience

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